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MN Furs Break-out of Cabin Fever Hotel Meet event, Sat March 6th

Remember back a few years ago when we had the opportunity to mix things up a little with the meets, and have one big party at a hotel? Well after much searching, debating, and some footwork we have decided to try this again!

The first Perkins Meet in March (Sat March 6th) will be replaced instead with a night at a party/meeting space at the Days Inn in Bloomington; conveniently easy to get to near 100 and 494. For those of you who remember where the Crowne Plaza we had hotel meets at in the distant past, this is about a half a mile straight North of there. It is across the freeway from the Convergence/ Anime Detour hotel.

The start time will be 1pm. Like the picnic, we can start the party early. Pizza for those who want to pitch in for it will be ordered around 5pm.

Unlike the picnic, however we have this space as long as we want it. We may kick people out at a reasonable time when were all too dead to do anything, but unlike the old hotel we have no “we have to be out at midnight” rule.

This room does cost money to rent, however attending the hotel meet will still be a FREE event. As with the picnic, we will be taking donations at the event, and likely the few meets before it. Again, this will not be required. All that is needed is you to show up on March 6th. If we do manage to re-coup the costs for the rental, however the probability of us doing this again increases. It is a nice space, and the room is much bigger then what we have at Perkins. If it works out, the goal will be to have one of these hotel meets semi-annually like the picnics, giving our group some variety of different large group events.

Unlike the old hotel, and for that matter Perkins- the Hotel has an OPEN food policy. People are welcome to bring in any outside food/beverages into the room, but we do ask that everything stays in the room.

We are looking into ordering Pizza at some point, and this would be a chip-in to buy if you want food. Donations of snacks and soda will be appreciated, but unlike the picnic this is NOT a strict pot-luck event. If you want to bring something to share with people, edible wise feel free to- but please limit it to snackables or something cold. We might do a potluck at this location in the future, but for right now- there is a difference between the Picnics and the hotel meet event.

For now- we aren’t sure about any scheduled “programming” right now it comes down to: we have this big room, and we have it for an extended period of time. We may add in some more formal events in later (Music, games, maybe a movie or something) in later, and if we do; we will post further updates here.

More details of directions and the actual address will be added later. For now, this is a placeholder and notice for people so they can update their schedules accordingly.

Hope to see you there!


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