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Hotel Meet Recap and Thank You!

I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone who attended last weekends hotel meetup, especially those who donated to the kitty. This helps us plan for future events outside of the Perkins venue, and your support for the group is more then appreciated.

We had about 100 people show up at the hotel meet, which considering how short of notice we gave (a little over a month) I was quite impressed. Thanks to everyone who helped run this event in any way, from cleaning up and setting up to running events such as the Chairty Poker and Video Games.

Nothing major happened or was broken, other then the power blowing out which I still believe was in part of poor design with two power-hungry spaceheaters. Everyone was cordial, friendly to each other and well-fed. I would like to formally say that the event was a huge success.

A reminder that our next big event will be the spring picnic on June 12th. In addition, there will be the normal bi-weekly meets and perhaps a few other events TBA such as movie nights, game nights, and more- keep tuned to the forums, and mailing lists for announcements.
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